Flavor Of The Week

One of my favorite hobbies is collecting new hobbies.

When I pick up a new one, my wife calls it my “flavor of the week.” As much as I hate to admit it, she is usually right. I hate to admit this not because I like being right or hate admitting that she is, but because it usually means that I have failed to bring an idea to fruition to some degree. These things usually last a bit longer than a week, but I will pour myself into something completely, physically, mentally, emotionally, for a period of time, and then just as suddenly cease to pursue it. Some of them stick around for longer, or are projects with a finite endpoint, and those will be the focus of this journal.

Besides my hobbies, I have a wife, a full-time job, a mortgage, three kids aged five and under, backyard chickens, a victory garden, and I sing in a Gregorian chant choir. These are not stumbling blocks on the path to some state of self-actualization in which I am proficient at every hobby I take on and complete every project: these are my primary priorities that I have to fulfill before giving time to my hobbies.

But I don’t think that managing these priorities and participating in my hobbies have to be mutually exclusive; there is a balance to be achieved here. That is part of the reason that this journal exists. If I put consistent effort towards the goals that I really want to achieve, then over time they will come to fruition, and I can be proud of them. This is a way for me to give myself some continuity over the life of all of these projects. This is also a way for me to be accountable to the people that I directly or indirectly involve in my projects, to fan the flame of excitement I’ve kindled in them and keep them interested for my sake and theirs.

Here’s to all my soon-to-be realized dreams!