There’s always a lot going on, and sometimes it seems like I hardly have time for my normal life, let alone my hobbies. There are also a lot of things that I don’t know, and I’m always looking to learn something new from people who know better. If you find that we have a shared interest and you want to participate or contribute, there are several ways to get involved.

  • Link me to your blog or social feeds so we can connect and collaborate.
  • Share my projects with your friends that you think would be interested or could help.
  • Fork my repos on GitHub and send me pull requests.
  • Ask me to fork your repos on GitHub and send you pull requests.
  • Send me things to play with or use in my projects so I can do more science.
  • Help fund my acquisition of gear so I can do science better.

You can reach me on Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter at seemikehack to inquire about anything on or off this list.